FAPTurbo trading system is one of the most extensively tested Forex robot system. The idea behind it is to ensures that you profit from your forex trades, without having to constantly, in fact 24/7, monitor the system for trends, patterns, news, etc. around the clock. This close monitoring is, ironically, usually the best way to get the most profit from this huge market. This automated system automates everything so that you only have to work smart, not hard, for a very beneficial experience with your forex trading.

Years of study have been put into this software system, which proves its mettle both in demo testing and in live testing. Numerous customer testimonials (made by people who have either little to no experience with Forex trading) also attest to its effectiveness.

FAPTurbo does not need huge amounts of money to begin trading for profit: an investment of $50 would suffice. Larger amounts, of course, will be easier and less of a risk once you start earning via the robot.

FAPTurbo is as easy as Forex robot systems get. Simply download and install the software, and watch the profits stream into your live account. Better yet, leave the computer, go outside, and enjoy the benefits of working smart.

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Feedback & Overview

Overall Rating: 5 Star

FAPTurbo is rated 5 stars, its ease of use and overall effectiveness, even for those who claim to be technologically illiterate.

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Actual Customer Feedback:

"FAP Turbo give me a PROOF REPORT that is absolutely incredible. It shows the new kid on the block, FapTurbo trade real monetary accounts in the sizes of $ 370 and $2,500 and it triples them more in under a month!"

Actual user review from squidoo.com

"I would heartily recommend FAP Turbo to anyone who is new to or has been struggling with finding success in the forex market for some time now."

Actual user review from ezinearticles.com

"From my early thoughts I think this software could be used by a beginner or an expert. Newbies will like the simplicity while experts will like the ease of use. If you don't like trading the market automatically then this isn't going to change your mind, but if you don't mind taking the easy way then this is probably the best product you can get. I highly recommend it!"

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"Yes i have tried this software with great success! I have now made $2500 in the last week after investing $1000 into my forex account. I have also tried other Forex software such as Forex Funnel but lost money..."

 Portion of a review from answers.yahoo.com

Our Research on FAPTurbo Suggests:

Our research has shown that FAPTurbo, being an extensively tested and proven to be an effective piece of software, is worthy of all the praise it has been receiving. Its ease of use is also another huge factor to its effectiveness, as you do not have to be a Forex veteran (read: knowledgeable of the struggle it takes to be profitable in the Forex market without any automated assistance) to be able to use the software to its fullest.


Sheer ease of use, along with the above factors mentioned, allows us to give the FAPTurbo software package a 5 star rating.

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Product Details


Company Info:

FAPTurbo is the creation of Steve Carletti, a professional IT programmer. After spending several years joining MLM programs that were dismal failures, he decided to go straight into the heart of the matter, trying to see what made the Forex trading systems tick. The results of his research, combined with his efforts alongside those of his two geek friends Mike and Ulrich, are contained in this Forex robot of his.

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Product Specifications:

1. Easy to download and install

2. Proven to work better on live trading than on testing

3. Exclusive VIP-only area within product website

4. No need to leave computer on

5. 95.9% success rate

6. Money back guarantee

Price:  $149.00

Return Policy: 60-day full money back guarantee


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